USTR Issues Instructions for Tranche 3 Exclusions

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) issued a Federal Register Notice (FRN) on June 24th with instructions on how to request exclusions from the China 301 duties for Tranche 3 the 3rd list) of the HTSUS numbers subject to the additional duties. To help manage the submissions the USTR has set up a portal for all requests to be filed electronically. The FRN includes detailed instructions on what is to be included on exclusion requests, including instructions on the formatting. The portal to file a request will go live at 12:00 pm on June 30, 2019. The USTR will accept Tranche 3 exclusion requests until September 24, 2019.As of right now the portal exists, but will not accept requests until the official launch. This process with the portal replaces the exclusion request process used for Tranche 1 and 2. Companies that import goods listed in Tranche 3 should consider filing exclusion requests to try and receive refunds on duties previously paid and, more importantly, to increase their chances of reducing the cost of future duty payments on their goods. You can access the FRN detailing this information on the government Publishing Office’s website. The website for the USTR Portal is currently active, but not operational until June 30th.

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